I guess I have had other things on my mind this past week, because I didn’t realize that Sarah Palin was going to speak in Madison yesterday.  Had I known, I would’ve gone there with a sign telling her to go home.  I’m really pretty tired of people from other states trying to influence what happens in mind (I’m talking to you, Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party Express).  Maybe, I’m angry because Prosser will still be one of our Supreme Court Justices.  Hell, I’m not that angry.  When we elected Walker, we proved that collectively, we aren’t a smart state.

What I am angry about is two-fold.  The first is the millions of dollars that the Tea Party Express – a group from California – was allowed to put into our election.  Why should a group in California be allowed to influence an election in Wisconsin?  I don’t think that’s free speech, I consider it crap, but I don’t make the election laws.

The second thing – and this is something about which we should all get angry – where were those 7,000 + votes hiding?  How do you certify an election and, then when the guy you like doesn’t win, you suddenly find 7,000 votes that puts him over the top.  Maybe, it was human error, but something just doesn’t feel right.  For the record, I’d be saying this if Prosser hadn’t won.  I want those votes checked and double-checked.  And, I think – since this is the second time this woman has messed on an election – she should be gone.