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Date: April 12, 2011

Pray for Betty – UPDATE

Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Instead of brain surgery, the plan is now that they will biopsy Betty’s lungs. This will give them a better handle on the type of cancer that Betty has. If she has large cell cancer, it can be treated with radiation.

This is good news. The procedure is way less invasive than the brain surgery and means that Betty can go back home sooner.

Let’s keep those prayers coming!



Pray for Betty – Twitter Spam UPDATE

This morning, I twitter spammed every one of my followers to get them to pray for Betty today. I believe in the power of prayer! In other words, I sent all 88 of my 89 followers on Twitter asking them to “Please RT. Pray for Betty, she has stage 4 cancer & is having surgery today.” I asked one of my followers to do so yesterday and Barry (@planobarryb) did.  (By the way, Barry draws a terrific and funny webcomic called Don’t Feed The Geek and you should check it out.)

Anyway, getting back to this morning, only one follower retweeted:  @the_USO And, now, I know why I support the USO, because – not only do they serve our military men and women well, but they are nice people.

If you’re on Twitter, please ask your followers to “Please RT. Pray for Betty, she has stage 4 cancer & is having surgery today.”  If you’re not, please pass on that Betty needs prayers.

Let’s make a miracle happen.



UPDATE:  I’m wrong…I wasn’t looking in the right spot…There are a lot of Retweets… Here’s a list:







Prayer Request

Just in case you didn’t see the articles from yesterday, here’s the short version: My friend, Betty, has stage four cancer. After 10:15 PST, she will be having surgery to remove two lesions from her brain. I’m asking that all of you who read this, please stop what you’re doing and say a prayer for Betty.



Say No to Tax Cuts

Everyone, but Warren Buffet, thinks that they pay too much in taxes. It just isn’t true. And, if we cut taxes, we won’t be able to pay off our National debt.

Let’s look at some things.

I have a credit card with a very modest balance. If tomorrow I quit my job and took one that paid 10% less, what are they chances the credit card will be paid off anytime soon?

That’s exactly what Paul Ryan and the Republicans are trying to do with the budget plan. They want to lower revenue at a time when the government needs to pay its credit card bill.

Now, I saw someone post a comment on another website about how Social Security doesn’t affect the National Debt.

You would think that we pay in 6% and our employer pays in 6% and the money sits there until we retire. Well, that’s not what has been happening. Like a bank loaning out your savings account, the government has been using Social Security. Unlike a bank, you’re not earning any interest.

The reason Social Security hurts the National Debt is because now the government has to pay the money back. If they don’t, there’s a lot of people who will get hurt. Any budget plan should include a provision that simply states hands off Social Security funds. Further, we should all have to pay on our entire incomes – all of it. The income caps should be removed.

Well, kids, that’s all the time I have for today. I need to return to work.

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