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Date: February 9, 2011

Good News and Bad News

The way the media made last November’s election sound, you would think that our newly elected officials were actually going to do the right thing. Instead, the people who were elected promising to bring jobs to Wisconsin passed the bill lowering the standard for the minimum auto insurance – a passing that will not actually lower anyone’s premiums. There was nothing in there that said the insurance companies would actually have to lower rates.
I’m mad because I have carried extra insurance for years. The raising of the minimums meant good news for me. If I am injured in an auto accident, I’ll be covered by my own and by the offenders insurance. The minimums that were in place were such that in the case of a serious accident, I shouldn’t lose my house if I can’t work. Well, no more.
Thanks a lot, elected officials. Thanks for nothing.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is in Washington a bipartisan effort rejected an extension of the poorly named Patroit Act.
Both the White House and the GOP leadership are upset by this, but I don’t care. It needed to be done.
Now, let’s move on to creating some jobs!

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Daily Trivia 02/09/2011

Yesterday’s Answer:

James Buchanan was the only bachelor president.

Today’s Question:

A two parter:

Who was our oldest elected President and which President lived the longest after leaving office? ¬†(Hint: ¬†They’re not the same guy).

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