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Date: February 8, 2011

Separation of Church and State

I had been planning on writing a blog regarding the idea of separation of Church and State.  Our founding fathers felt that the wall between the two was so important that they put it right in the Constitution at the beginning.  Now, with all the talking bobble heads throwing around what our founding fathers intended or what they would want, I thought it would be a good time to write about it.

Except, I was beaten to it by Stephen D. Foster, Jr. over at The Pragmatic Progressive.  His article, The Wall Between Church And State, is well thought out, well researched and well written.


Daily Trivia – 02/08/2011

Yesterday’s question:

How many Presidents died of natural causes while in office?

Answer:  4

  1. William Henry Harrison
  2. Zachary Taylor
  3. Warren G. Harding
  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Today’s Question:

Who was the only bachelor president?

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