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Obama’s DOMA Decision

Man, I’m torn.

On one hand, I’m thrilled that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) is probably going down.  On the other hand, I’m not happy about the way it is going to happen.

Here’s the thing, Obama is just plain wrong.  Yes, DOMA is unconstitutional.  Yes, DOMA makes some citizens of the United States unequal to other citizens.  Yes, I want to see DOMA gone.

However; there is a larger and more important issue at stake here.

If the Department of Justice doesn’t defend attacks on our laws in court, then no law is sound.  As much as I like Obama, this is a serious oversight on his part.  I would think that someone who specialized in Constitutional law would’ve had a little more sight into the big picture.  Calling on the Justice Department to not defend DOMA is wrong.  It sends the wrong message on our Nation’s laws.  It will allow the next President to decide that he doesn’t like a law and tell the DOJ to not do their job to defend our Nation’s laws.

I’ve heard talk among gay people that Obama hasn’t done enough for us.  But, seriously, did anyone really cast their vote for Obama thinking that him being President would mean gays and lesbians would be allowed to legally marry?  I know I didn’t.

I, also, believe that at this moment in time, we have more pressing matters.  Our economy – though it is improving – needs more hand holding.  We need to put the money taken from Social Security and put it back in.  We need to improve our education.  Gay marriage is a little low on the list.

I know President Obama is a politician and politicians do things to gain political power or to make their base happy (Can anyone say Scott Walker and Koch Industries?), but I a truly disappointed in Obama.  I expected more from him than a cold bone that will harm our legal system for years to come.  I wanted the DOJ to defend DOMA to their best of their abilities and then lose because the law is morally bankrupt and unconstitutional.  I wanted a ruling that would stick for years to come, not a band aid.

Obama should’ve come up with a better way to do this.

Assembly Passes Budget Bill

The Assembly passes the budget bill and despite Representative Suder’s written statement: “The vote we took wasn’t the easy thing to do, but it was the right thing to do”, it wasn’t the right thing to do.  Aside from killing union’s rights for collective bargaining, the Republicans have sold out our state.  The no-bid for state owned energy assets means that the government can sell / lease them off to the companies they deem should have them.

Who gains from that?

Walker’s largest campaign contributor: Koch Industries.

Despite their blanket denials that they will not benefit, Koch Industries will benefit the most.  How will Walker turn down his buddy?  The punking of Walker by Ira Murphy showed that Walker is in the Koch brothers’ pocket and truly believes what is good for them is good for him.

The sad thing is that people who do not understand how the world works, don’t understand just how bad it will be for Wisconsin with Walker as our governor.

By the way, where are the jobs Walker promised?  So far, he shut down the high speed rail which would have amounted to 4000 jobs (yes, some temporary) and Talgo Inc is moving to Illinois killing even more jobs.  So far, Walker has killed unions and not created one job.

Can you say RECALL, boys and girls?

Show us the JOBS you promised, Mr. Governor.  If anyone deserves to be laid off – it’s this lousy state government.

Walker Punked…

Scott Walker says he won’t talk to anyone, but he will take a phone call from “David Koch” co-owner of the Koch Industries I mentioned here yesterday.  He was punked by Ian Murphy (from Buffalo Beast) who was posing as Koch.

Walker thinks he has this in the bag.  He’s even planning on stopping the Democrats direct deposit pay in order to get them to come home.

Check out the video at Crooks and Liars.  When I find the link to the actual video by Buffalo Beast, I’ll post a link to it.

Walker sure does sound like he’s in Koch’s pocket.  Something I alluded to in yesterday’s post.

I say we recall him and all of the Republicants.

Saving Unions in Wisconsin

Walker won’t negotiate and remove the ban on collective bargaining. This is not only wrong, but it is making a mockery of our great state. I saw an article on Huffington Post and now I know why he isn’t backing down.
His largest campaign contributor – Koch Industries – is anti-union. They, also, have the most to gain by the passage of this bill. The bill will “allow the state to sell or contract out any state-owned energy asset in no-bid deals with private corporations.”
Walker is going to sellout our state much like Scott McCallum did when he sold our tobacco settlement for pennies on the dollar.
I’m pushing for a recall of Walker and his bad ideas.
Who’s with me?

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WI Republican’s Failed Attack on Unions

We’ve all seen the news stories this week. In fact, the entire nation has seen the shame brought upon our great state by our Republican legistlature and Governor.
Our state is the birthplace of national unions and our newly elected governor wants to eliminate the right of the majority of our public workers to collective bargin. I say majority because Walker has left out police officers and fire fighters. Lucky them.

Our public workers are not fat cat CEOs. These people represent working families of this state. I’m for public workers paying for 12.6% of their health care, but half of their pensions is a little too tough. Still, there wouldn’t be quite is outrage if the governor and his elected hunchmen didn’t go too far and try to take away their bargaining rights. Eliminating collective bargaining isn’t going to create jobs or save the state money.
Walker and his cronies are shocked and surprised at the outrage, but they haven’t backed down.

That’s what happens with our Wisconsin Republicans – they just want to forge ahead and claim that they care about their constituents. I think the protests are proving that they could give a care about any of us.

One last thought, I’d like to point out from personal experience just how little public workers make compared to those of us in the private sector. A few years ago, I was searching for a new job and the Racine Police Department needed a data analyst. My resume fit the job perfectly and I didn’t apply. Why you ask. Because it paid $11,000 less than what I was all ready making. This is a perfect example of how little our public workers get paid vs those of us in the private sector.

Call your Senators and the Governor – tell them that you support our public workers.

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Daily Trivia – 02/14/2011

Yesterday’s answer:

Charles Atlas

Today’s question:

On this day in 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini placed a bounty on an author’s head. Who was the author?

Daily Trivia – 02/13/2011

Yesterday’s answer:

William McKinley

Today’s Question:

Let’s leave the Presidential Trivia behind and move on…

With whom did Mahatma Gandhi consult with for advice on diet and exercise?

Little Nick’s Birthday

Nick turned two yesterday. This is a video of him blowing out his candles on his cake.

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Daily Trivia – 02/12/2011

Yesterday’s answer:

42.  Gerald Ford was never ELECTED president and Grover Cleveland was elected two nonconsecutive terms. This makes a total of 44 Presidents, but only 42 different men ELECTED President.

Today’s Question:

Which President was the FIRST to ride in an Automobile?


I’m sure you’ve heard about the New York Congressman who went looking for booty (and not the pirate kind) by advertising himself on Craigs list or is it Craigslist? Anyway, I am just wondering when the Republican Party will lose its reputation for their non-existent moral fiber? What will it take for the scales to fall off the eyes and people will see what they really are: flawed, failing human beings – just like the rest of us – who should not be preaching to anyone.

Which brings me to my next thought I’ve written about many times over, but I’m going to write about again: When are we going to become a true Christian nation?
The answer is, of course and as it should be, never. And, if that is the case, can we just drop the facade?

We are a nation built on Christian morals and Christian values – you hear some form of that all the time from right wing pundits and it sounds nice, but it is just not true.
Ask yourself: What Would Jesus Do about illegal immigation? Would He stand on the border protecting it? Would He complain about it in Congress and pound the repeated thought that something must be done?
No, He would not. He would stand at the border, with His arms opened wide saying, “Come, follow me into the land of milk and honey.” You know He would and if you would just open your heart and listen for His voice, you would hear him tell you. Close your ears to the thought that there is something wrong with our brothers and sisters to the south. They just want what you want – a nice, safe place to raise their kids and live their lives. Hate begins with the devil – love comes from God.

And, we’re NOT a Christian nation until we live as He lived, so let’s stop pretending and stop invoking His name in our political battles.

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