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Man shoots TV after watching Dancing with the Stars!

Funny Dogs

Ban Male Circumcisions?

Okay, I lied – I saw an article and had to post about this TODAY.  More videos will follow…

Well, now, I have just about heard everything! Lloyd Schofield – apparently a man obsessed with penises – wants to ban Male Circumcisions! Pro-circumcision or anti-circumcision – I really don’t care how you feel about the process – but you should get very upset about the idea that the government can prevent you from making a decision about the health and well-being of your child.

What is going on with California anyway?

And, you know some tea bagger is going to proclaim that this is how liberals think.

And, how in the world do you ban something called a Happy Meal?

Back to circumcisions – apparently, based on my own non-scientific survey of two male co-workers with male children – the country is split in two when it comes to this subject.

An article I read on CNN had the following quote by “Dr. Douglas Diekema, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington.”

“There have always been people opposed to it. One of the differences between today and 50 years ago is two primary things: Advocacy groups are better organized. They are much more vocal and the internet has allowed that expression in that way.”

On one hand, this is democracy at its finest. People joining together to work for the common good. On the other hand, it is democracy run amok. A group of people joining together to impose their beliefs on the rest of us – even if it isn’t the right decision. This ban would even ban circumcisions when they are completed for religious purposes. Isn’t that in direct violation of the First Amendment? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Doesn’t the freedom of Religion extend to cities and states? I would think it does, however; I’m not a lawyer.

To me, this shows a greater threat to America freedoms than just one city banning a medical procedure.  We’re giving into our fears – our fears of different races, religions, sexual orientation.  We’re listening only to the loud voices – the ones that call for an end to health care for all, banning violent video games and tax cuts for the rich.  We’re not listening to the little guy – the small voice who doesn’t have an outlet for their beliefs and, even when he does, he is drowned out by the insane yelling going on around him.  We’re losing the people who stay home on election day because the political madness has turned them off the whole process.

And, we’re left with people like Lloyd Schofield; a man who wants to tell the parents of a newborn baby boy on whom they’ve placed their hopes and dreams and whom they loved before his very first breath what decision to make when it comes to circumcision.  When will Schofield stop?  Will he make a law that determines what books this little boy reads?  What church he must attend?  What courses he studies when he becomes a man and goes on to college?

It is a slippery slope to coin a well-used phrase and it scares me about our future if we allow it to happen.

Funny Cats

New Social Security Scam!

Social Security Scam Robs Elderly By Convincing Them They Are Dead

Play Dead…

From David Letterman…

AA Destroys Social Lives

You have to love the Onion. This might be in poor taste, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t funny.

AA Destroying The Social Lives Of Thousands Of Once-Fun Americans

Day of Funny Videos!

I’m posting funny videos today! Afterall, it is Friday!

Nothing serious will be happening on this site today!

Have a great weekend!

Why is Bristol Palin apologizing?

I saw this article that Bristol Palin is apologizing for rants that she and her sister posted on Facebook.  And, all I can say is, why?  The article didn’t list exactly what the rants said, but isn’t that part of her Freedom of Speech?  Why should she have to apologize?  And, certainly, she shouldn’t have to apologize for her kid sister, Willow.  Willow’s 16, I think if she felt that an apology was necessary, she would make it.

I think we’re going a little too far in this apology business.  Someone says something that someone else finds offensive and the first someone apologizes.  Well, what a bunch of bull.  You said it, stand by it!  Besides, I don’t ever believe those apoligies are sincere anyway.  Public apologies are offerred to make the public happy – that’s why their public.  I’m not saying that Bristol isn’t sincere, how would I know?  And, how would she know?  Who is sincere at 18 or 19 years old anyway?

So, let’s call a truce on apologies.  Let’s all try to say what we mean and what we believe.  If we find out later that our beliefs were wrong, then say, “Hey, sorry about that, I had my head up my ass and I was wrong.”

And, let’s grow some thicker skins out there.  If someone says something you find offensive – especially if they’re a celebrity – don’t buy the products they endorse or watch the shows their on.  Send them a message that you think they’ve got their head shoved so far up their rear end that they need a glass stomach to see.  But, don’t expect an apology.  I’m pretty tired of them.

How about you?

Killing Marriage

There’s an article on MSNBC that quotes a new survey about marriage.  According to the article, 4 in 10 people believe that marriage is becoming obsolete.  By my calculations, that works out to 40% of the people out there.

Ironic, isn’t it?

At a time when gay people are screaming for our rights to be married, 40% of straight people aren’t feeling the need to get married.  All of those anti-gay marriage groups keep proclaiming that you have to stop gay marriage in order to protect marriage.  I think they need to change their tune and their focus.

Instead of picking on the people who want to marry, they should start taking a good look at those people who don’t want or don’t feel the need to get married.  Maybe, they should hold Pro-marriage rallies for straight people and let them know the advantages of marriage.

And, there are plenty of advantages to be married, including inheritance rights, health care decision making and tax advantages.  Married couples – when the marriage works – offer a  stable environment for their families and friends.  Saving money on your taxes is a good thing, as well, so why wouldn’t straight people want to get married?

It makes no sense at all.

What does make sense is that the decline of the idea of marriage as an institution to which one would want to strive cannot be blamed on us gay people.

To straights every where:  Start working to save your marriages!

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