Andrew Breitbart – remember him? He’s the big conservative who called Ted Kennedy (hours after Senator Kennedy died): “a special pile of human excrement”. (source)  He’s gone on to wonderful claims to fame such as Shirley Sherrod a racist. (source – careful, this one leads to his actual site.  <shudder>)  It is no big news, I’m sure, that ABC has decided to include him in their election night coverage.

I guess it won’t be a big surprise that I won’t be watching ABC’s coverage of the election.  I really don’t need anymore uneducated, blow hard conservatives in my life.  Remember when conservatives stood up for liberty and justice for all?  Those days are gone, folks.  Well, if you’re a big corporation, then they’ll stand up for you.

Vote Democrat tomorrow.  Or, not.  If you vote for the Republicans, be prepared for a very long two years.  Quite honestly, Obama will veto a lot of what they want to do and our government will be at a standstill.

Don’t come running to me when you’re not happy about that.

But, I digress.

Why would ABC want to include Breitbart?  I’m sure there must be another conservative who does not have his reputation and who is more respectable.