Okay, I’ve never had to file to bankruptcy.  I have no idea what can happen to cause this and, because I’m a sympathetic person, I feel bad for the Giudice family.


It’s the very last line of the article that has me all riled up:

Mrs. Giudice’s lawyer stats: “”I don’t think Teresa is happy seeing all her belongings displayed on the Internet,” he says, adding that she feels it should have been handled in court before being made public. “Clearly they are under the microscope because they are famous.”

Famous?  Who the heck is this woman?  She was on a reality tv show.  Why does that make her famous?

When are we, as a country, going to stop watching these train wreck shows?  When are we going to stop making these people famous?

There’s only one reality show I even like and that’s Dance Your A$$ off.  At least it is entertaining and the people are working toward a goal.

Other than that – the only reality I want to see is my own.