America is not a true democracy.  We are democracy, mixed with republic with a bit of socialism and a pinch of libertarian.  The sad thing about this is that a great deal of Americans don’t even understand this – even the ones with college degrees.

Sad, isn’t it?

Now, the big thing is that Obama is a socialist and we’re going to become this giant socialist nation and all of our rights will be taken away.  Sad thing is, we’ve had socialism in our society for well over 60 years and, in some cases, since almost the beginning.

Being the libertarian that I am, I say, let’s get rid of all of the socialistic programs.  This is the only way to make our federal government smaller: (these are MY ideas and not necessarily the ideas of the libertarian party)

Socialistic Programs to Cancel
Social Security Bank Regulations
Farm Subsidies School lunch programs
Public Schools Head start
Corporate Welfare Welfare
Medicaid Medicare
VA Benefits Labor Laws

I would support a tea party candidate.  I wholeheartedly support libertarianism.  My problem with them is that they want to be libertarians with a huge amount of right-wing Christianity mixed in.  The whole idea of libertarianism is NO government interference and individual liberties.  The problem with the tea party is they want NO government interference and only those individual liberties THEY support.  They aren’t what they seem to be.  Most of them are just Republicans in sheep’s clothing. 
Let’s change our government mix into a libertarian one. To find out just where you fall on the political spectrum, take this quiz.
You might be surprised.
God Bless