Quick note: Kiss your freedom goodbye in AZ. The police have the right to stop and question you if they have a “reasonable suspicion” that you are an illegal immigrant. How do you NOT look like an illegal immigrant? Okay, I’m a very white woman, but I can pass for Italian or Russian or Irish. I’m not saying a police officer would do this, but he or she could stop me because they suspect I might be an illegal immigrant from Ireland or one from Russia.

Granted, I probably won’t be stopped in AZ, but it could happen. Walk down the street and speak with an accent and police officer could decide to check your citizenship papers. And, what if you’ve forgotten your driver’s license that day? You better hope someone is at home to get it for you and bring it down to the police station.

I realize we have an illegal immigrant issue in this nation, but removing freedoms is not the answer. I don’t think this law will stand up in court, but it might.

The law gives every police officer in the state of AZ the right to stop anyone at any time. All he or she has to say is: “I thought they might be illegal.”

God Bless America