Every time I hear someone say that Obama is going to turn this nation into a socialist country or that government interference is always bad, I get angry. Because the person who is saying it is usually someone who doesn’t know what socialist means. Further, they usually only get involved with politics when they think something they have is being affected. A friend said that if it isn’t going to save him any money, then he doesn’t pay any attention.

This kind of individual selfishness is why our nation is in the mess it is in. We have lessened the government regulations over the past twenty-nine and look where we are right now. Our banks have grabbed all that they can until they are practically falling apart under bad debt and poor business decisions. 40 million plus Americans don’t have healthcare. We’re in a very deep Recession (I think we’re in a depression). Companies pollute our air and water. Other companies are hemorrhaging employees, even though they might be turning a profit — it isn’t high enough to keep people working. But, let’s all fear our government.

I suggest you read this article. It’ll make you think.


God Bless