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Date: September 6, 2009

Republicans on the side lines

A vote is a vote is a vote. According to the law we all get a vote. What makes us Democrats or republicans is the person who agrees witCheck Spellingh our beliefs at the time and voices what we are wanting to say as a nation. That then determines which candidate wins the election. Yes it come in waves, but we as a people create the waves in which they come. How do we tell the difference between a lie and a truth, pure research and not just what the runners want us to hear. So, if the republicans are upset because the democrats are in the house now, the wave of the people put them there. Don’t be upset, but get in there and mix it up. Vote put you there let your voice be heard and let the vote keep you there to continue the fight.

just thinking

I went back to school at the age of 45. Not saying that is exciting to everyone. But, what was exciting to me is that I was in school with all three of my children which were also in college. So this whole household was in college together. How cool is that? So when either of us needed help with anything none of us were at a lost to help each other. Anyway, just thinking(out loud).

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