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Date: September 1, 2009

Swimming Deer

My friend Jerri and her husband, Preston, are up in Hayward, WI and she just sent me these pictures of a deer swimming. I don’t know what camera they’re using, but the picture quality is amazing — you can see the individual drops of water. I had never seen deer swimming before, so that makes them cool as well. I should note that Jerri and Preston retain their original copyright on these pictures and my posting them here does not give anyone any permission to use them in any other manner, including emailing them.

God Bless


I’ve joined Blogcritics. What does that mean for you, oh gentle reader? Well, it means that from now on a lot of my blog posts will be posted on Blogcritics first. I’ll still post my little posts here, but the heavy researched postings will go there first.

I think this’ll really affect my readership and spread the word! I’m excited about this new venture and I hope you are too!

Oh and keeping in with my promise — we need to have Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen resign, be recalled or lose in the next election! We need to give Wisconsin an Attorney General who will stand up for our laws, even if he disagrees with them.

God Bless

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