I found this quote on CNN.com today in an article entitled “Could Palin factor save McCain?”. I thought I’d just pass it along to see if everyone else feels the way I do about it.

Here’s the quote:

“‘It may well be that there is … a group of people out there now who find it politically incorrect to be for Sarah Palin in public, but they’re going to vote for her in the privacy of the voting booth,’ said David Gergen, a CNN senior political analyst.”

Here’s my question and I think it is reasonable…Why is it politically incorrect to be a Palin supporter?

I mean, she’s for guns, she’s a woman, she’s a hockey mom, she hates gays (supporting an anti-gay amendment means you hate gays, let’s not pretend it doesn’t) and she’s a very right wing Christian.

What’s so politically incorrect?

Here’s my take: I’m supporting Obama. When asked, I say I’m supporting Obama. Was I happy about his choice of Biden, no, honestly, I wasn’t, but hey, I’ve looked up Biden and I think he’s an okay guy. But, in the end, I’m voting for Obama. Now, do I think he made a good choice with Biden. Sure, I trust that Biden could carry out the office of the President if, God forbid, Obama can’t. But, let me make this clear, I’m not voting for Joe Biden. I’m casting my vote for Barack Obama.

Now, this Palin factor the article mentions confuses me, because she’s not running for President — in case people have to be reminded, John McCain is running for President. Now, do I think she’s a good choice, HELL NO. Do I think he should’ve picked someone else? HELL YEAH! Do I think if McCain can’t finish out his term that she could. NO FREAKING WAY! God help us all if that happens. Still, I know some people disagree with me and think she’d be a great VP and, if needed – oh, God FORBID — she’d be a great President. I just don’t understand where David Gergen thinks these people are.

But then, I’ve never understood dishonest people.

God Bless