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Date: October 15, 2008

St. Bridget Hispanic Ministry

I’ll make this simple. Follow the below steps.

  1. Read the article on
  2. Get out your checkbook.
  3. Write out a check to:St. Bridget Hispanic Ministry
  4. Put said check in an envelope.
  5. Address envelope to:
    St. Bridget Hispanic Ministry
    PO Box 369
    Postville, IA 52162
  6. Put envelope in the Mail.
  7. Go to sleep tonight knowing you’ve done something good for someone else.
  8. Have pleasant dreams.

God Bless

PS. Any amount is a help, even if all you can spare is $5.00 — it’s something.

Oh, side note to anyone who is sending money to Focus on the Family — send it to St. Bridget, you’ll do more good.

To Straight California From Gay Wisconsin

I received in my mailbox an email from the Human Rights Campaign. According to the email, the anti-gay marriage ban is now winning by a 47 to 42 margin. Apparently, the Nazi groups such as Focus on the Family are blasting ads that convinced voters equal rights for all is somehow a bad thing.

Well, my fellow Americans, don’t believe the crap. Gays haven’t ruined traditional marriage — how could we when we can’t legally get married.

Further if these groups were the Christians they proclaim to be, they would be out helping their fellow man and not demeaning him.

It has never been easy to be a gay Christian, but groups like this disgust me in ways you can’t even imagine. To be close to God is one of the most magical parts of life possible. I feel His hand in my life when I hear my grandsons’ laughter, watch the sunrise or snuggle with my wife as we fall asleep. To vote Yes on Proposition 8 is to let the anti-Christ win.

Please, please, please don’t let that happen. We blew it here in Wisconsin, please don’t blow it in your own state.

God Bless and protect me from your “followers”

CNN Hero of the Year

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