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Date: October 14, 2008

Make History?

I just saw the most distrubing McCain/Palin ad on CNN. The premise compared women receiving the vote is the same history as a vote for McCain/Palin and — in case you missed the connection — a picture of the beauty queen waving is there. So, I guess this post is for my fellow women.

McCain/Palin are against Roe v Wade — they want it reversed. A vote for them is almost a guarntee that it will. Afterall, the next President will get to replace at least one Supreme Court justice and possibly five.

McCain/Palin are against stem cell research.

McCain/Palin are against gay marriage and equal rights for all. They claim they’re for equal rights, but that’s a bald face lie. No gay marriage means someone doesn’t have equal rights Period, end of story, game over.

McCain/Palin is NOT a vote for History and how dare they even claim to be. We’ve had a white man and a white woman running on the same ticket, so the history’s been made.

A vote for history would be a vote for Obama.

God Bless

Doesn’t the Army have a Heart?

Read this article on…I’ll wait.

Done? Okay.

How could the Army not allow this SGT to bring home that beautiful dog? (Did you see the picture?)

Write your Congressman or Congresswoman.

Bring Ratchet to the United States. It can’t possibly cost that much.

God Bless

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