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Date: September 13, 2008

I can’t defend this…

I’m not going to lie and make you think I completely support Obama and Biden. Joe Biden released 10 years worth of tax returns that shows he donated .2% of his income to charity. For last year, he donated a whopping $995.00. How can that be? He made more than $300,000 and he gave less than $1,000. That’s less than I gave to charity last year.

Now, don’t think this means I’m not going to vote for him, I’m just disappointed in his lack of giving.

On the other hand, where are Sarah Palin’s tax returns? At least Biden has released ten years of his tax returns. Palin has released none. McCain has released two years compared to Obama’s seven.

At least we know the Democratic candidates have nothing to hide. McCain doesn’t even file his taxes jointly with his wife because he’d like you to believe he’s just like the rest of us. Well, the us that travels in private jets and earns $400,000 a year. Yes, all the candidates earn more than you and me, but some of them more than others.

It would be nice if Biden had given more to charity.

God Bless

Support Obama

I hadn’t designed a shirt or mug in support of Obama because I wasn’t going to get into the mess of designing campaign shirts, but this stuff with Palin has really gotten my panties in an uproar and I feel that I have to show my support for Obama. So, I’ve updated a couple of my earlier posts with links to the shirt and here’s the new design. There will be more to follow.

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