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Date: September 12, 2008

Pin a Medal on the Dad…

I just read a news article that said a father hit and chased away a naked teenage boy out of his daughter’s bedroom.  Now, he’s being charged with “with aggravated battery on a child”. 

On one hand, this father needs to be smacked because 1) he didn’t know his teenage daughter had a boyfriend and 2) he didn’t notice this boy had been sneaking into his daughter’s bedroom for more than a year.

On the other hand, PIN A MEDAL TO THIS MAN’S CHEST.  Talk about a deterent.  The boy should be grateful for two things:  1) the father didn’t have a gun and 2) it wasn’t my daughter’s room.  Give me a break, the father goes into his daughter’s room, finds a naked man and proceeds to hit and chase him out of the house.  Sounds like the father did the right thing.  The charges need to be dropped.  Any boy who has the lack of respect for the girl that he sneaks into her bedroom (and lack of respect for her parents) deserves to get hit with a lead pipe.  His parents should be in trouble for not keeping better tabs on their son.

Sure, I know I’ll get posts about double standards, but I did say the father of the girl should’ve known what was going on.  Her parents should have taught her to have more respect for herself and her family by not letting this boy sneak into her room for more than a year.

If this was my teenage daughter, the boy wouldn’t have gotten away before I beaten him within an inch of his life.  Trust me, I have no qualms about doing it.  But, if this was my teenage daughter, I would have taught her to have more respect for her body and her mind than to have sex with this creepy kid in the first place.  Sex is not a teenage pasttime, it is an adult activity that comes with adult consequences that teenagers are not ready to suffer and they are not prepared to handle.

God Bless 

Women are NOT interchangeable!

In 1920, women finally gained the right to vote (144 years after the nation was formed). In the last 88 years, you would think that men would’ve learned something about women — anything. Yet, in a US News & World article I was reading this morning, a male writer (and I would tell you which one, but I left the magazine at home) wrote something to the effect that disillusioned women Hillary voters will now back McCain because of Palin.

I hate to burst his bubble, but Hillary supporters aren’t going to vote for McCain because of Palin. That would be tantamount to slitting their own throats. Women who supported Hillary believe what Hillary believes — they’re pro-choice, against the war in Iraq and for public healthcare coverage. This is everything Palin isn’t.

The battle between the two would be interesting.

The lawyer who stood by her philandering husband versus the sports reporter who is forcing her 17 year old daughter to marry to save face.

The Senator from the 3rd largest state versus the Governor from the 3rd smallest state (by population, not land area).

Except this race isn’t about Hillary and it isn’t about Sarah; it is about Barack Obama and John McCain and which MAN we think will lead our country into a bright future.

It’s really too bad the election isn’t between Hillary and Sarah. It would make for a more interesting race. And, since it isn’t about the two of them, let me just shout this out to the men, WOMEN ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!!!!!

God Bless

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