I went to log into my Roadrunner account and there’s a bunch of headlines at the bottom. One of them says, “Sen. Joe Lieberman to speak at GOP convention.” Well, that’s an interesting way to start the day. If you know your recent history, you know that Lieberman ran for VP in 2000. When he lost the Democratic primary in his home state of Connecticut, he ran as an Independent and won. Now, there’s talk that he might be McCain’s VP choice. Lieberman certainly would be an attention-grabbing choice. And, McCain could use a little more attention.

On the other side of the fence, yesterday, I received a public email from Michael Moore to Caroline Kennedy begging her to consider becoming Barack’s running mate. I don’t know a lot about Caroline Kennedy. I remember a picture from her wedding day where she was standing outside the church — looking radiant and beautiful as all brides do — and she’s trying to get the crowd of well wishers to be quiet. She looked really poised for someone holding her finger to her lips.

I wasn’t alive nor were my parents married or even knew each other when John F. Kennedy was President. I didn’t watch Caroline grow up like so many of my friends did. She doesn’t feel like an old friend. Now, her brother, John, that was different. He was everywhere when I was growing up. He was like the older brother I wish I had. When he died in that horrible tragedy, it was the only time in my life I said a prayer for a famous person — an honest to goodness down on my knees, please God, let him be okay prayer. I could see an Obama/Kennedy ticket if John were still here.

But, Caroline? She’s never — that I’ve noticed — shown any interest in politics . She’s written books and I know she’s heading up the selection committee to help find Obama’s running mate. She might be a good choice. She’s the only one left from Camelot. She’s shown in very hard times that she’s level headed. (I don’t think I could’ve been that poised on my wedding day if I had a bunch of people disrupting my service.) And, Caroline doesn’t come with a lot of the baggage a different running mate might have. Also, because she hasn’t held a political office, she would represent a big change.

Maybe, Michael Moore is right and Caroline should become the next Vice President of the United States.

God Bless