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Date: June 26, 2008

Supreme Court Rulings

This is totally off the top of my head, but what the HE double hockey sticks is the Supreme Court thinking? Executing a child rapist is cruel and unusual, but allowing handguns is constitutionally sound? I expected the second decision to go down that way, but I thought with a conservative court executing despicable torturers would be their thing!

Something to wonder about, isn’t it?

God Bless

Don’t Mess With Tim McGraw

During his Auburn, Washington concert on Tuesday, June 24th, Tim McGraw saw a “fan” attack a woman in the audience. Apparently, Tim doesn’t need any security, he reached down and grabbed the unruly concert goer. When security came, they lifted a guy who makes me look small on to the stage and ejected him. The man made a move to charge at Tim and he answered the move with a closed fist. There’s video at CNN.

Oh and the song Tim was singing at the time? Indian Outlaw. He started right back up at the “I ain’t looking for trouble…”

I’ve always liked Tim McGraw and now, I like him a little more.

God Bless

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