I’m writing this from a hotel room in Park Falls, WI. Cheryl’s mom is in the hospital and we’re up here to visit and do what we can.

When I started thinking about writing this post this morning, it was 6 am. Cheryl and I had turned on the heater in the room and around 4:30 this morning, the heat became unbearable for her, so she woke me up to fix it. That’s how we roll, I’m sleeping soundly and she wakes me up to take care of something and in return, I get a clean house. Seems like a fair exchange.

The bad thing about this is that once I’ve been woken up, I can’t fall back asleep. Because, after being hot, Cheryl was thirsty, so it was off to the soda machine (which is downstairs in the lobby) to get her (and me) a soda. Then, we talk for a little while about this and that, her mom, our budget, etc. And, then she rolls right back over and she’s back asleep in a matter of a minute or so. I really envy that, because once my mind starts working, I’m up and that’s that.

So, I started reading through old email messages, picked up Teddy Roosevelt’s autobiography (but I can’t read in the dark, and Cheryl can’t sleep with the light on, so that’s quickly abandoned) and then I see an email message that I have a new comment from Cheryl’s niece on my My Space page, so I go and look at it. Then, I think, hey, I haven’t written a blog there in a really long time, so I’ll write a blog about what it is like to be awake since 4:30am with really nothing to do. Except, I hit the blog link and nothing happnens. Yeah, the page says it’s downloading, but nothing. As I write this the page is still trying to download. Why do I bother with My Space?!?

Oh, yeah, I really don’t, except really early in the morning when I have nothing else to do.

God Bless