The US Supreme Court just ruled that the state of Texas has the right to execute a Mexican citizen over President Bush’s objections (see article here). Now, admittedly, I’m reading this article while on lunch, so I haven’t finished reading the whole thing, but this blog is called Top Of My Head for a reason.

So, here is my Top Of My Head statement: The US Supreme Court, in trying to uphold State’s rights, is completely wrong. They say an International Court ruling “is not domestic law.” Big mistake there. President Bush is trying to do the right thing. Let’s face it, Bush is not exactly the poster child for stays of executions. He’s more of a hang ’em high kind of a guy, but we signed an agreement with Mexico decades ago.

Would we want Mexico to ignore the International Court’s ruling if this was an American citizen on a Mexican Death Row?

I’m guessing not.

How would you feel if this was an Iraqi Death Row?

Thanks Supreme Court for putting all Internationally travelling Americans at risk.

God Bless