A couple of weeks ago, I went to my local Sentry and made some purchases. Among the many items in my cart was a couple of lunch meals and three chicken breasts. When I got home, the chicken went into the fridge and the lunch meals went to work with me the next day.

Monday comes and I decide to eat lunch and I discovered that the two meals I purchased expired way back in January. That Thursday comes and the chicken is now rancid.

Now, according to my mom, you can't keep chicken in the fridge from Sunday to Thursday. According to my co-workers, you can. In either case, I didn't take it back to the store because it smelled so bad, it went into the trash and out the door.

The two lunches went back to Sentry and they gave me my money back — with no apology. She even looked at me funny, like I was lying or something.

Yesterday, I went to Walgreens to pick up some soda and I purchased a package of red licorce and another package of black licorce. I wanted something to eat to help wean me off cigarettes, as I'm quitting — AGAIN!

Well, Cheryl loves red licorce and she opens the package, takes a bite and gets a funny look on her face. You guessed it. The licorce had a sell date of last August! The black licorce was a little better with a sell date of last month. In either case, both are expired.

Don't food sellers have some sort of obligation to remove past dated food off their shelves? I realize that I should look at the date, but I feel the store has some obligation to ensure that I don't find an expired food item on their shelf.

If either of these incidents were just a one time thing, I wouldn't be writing this blog about them. But two incidents just a few weeks apart from two different stores just strikes me as a little odd.

Now, I have to make another trip to the store to get my money back.

So, just as a friendly warning to you all, CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATES!

God Bless

PS. For my readers in Wisconsin, don't forget to vote tomorrow in the primary. Every vote counts.