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Date: October 17, 2007

Don’t believe Ann’s Lies…

The truth about Ann Coulter is finally coming out. She hates Jews — and anyone else who is not a Christian.

I heard her remark: “Jews are going to be perfected. ” After a break and she was confronted, she changed her earlier remark to “I don’t think you should take it that way, but that is what Christians consider themselves: perfected Jews.

Coulter is claiming that her statement was misquoted:

“Let’s rewrite the NJDC statement to refer to what I actually said: ‘How does someone who says it would be better if everyone were a Christian or practicing Jew continue to receive a megaphone and platform from the news networks? When will the media say ‘enough is enough’? “

She didn’t say that. I heard what she said with my own two ears. I was so stunned by it that I rewound it and played it again.

By the way, I am a Christian and I don’t consider myself a perfected Jew.

God Bless us EVERYONE

Ellen and the Dog

I wasn’t going to weigh in on this issue that Ellen is having because she gave her adopted dog to her hairdresser, because I understand both sides of the issue.  Ellen signed an agreement that she would notify the Mutts and Moms adoption group if she couldn’t keep him.  I understand that agreement and I do agree with it.

What I don’t agree with is the Mutts and Moms group deciding that the hairdressers home isn’t fit for Iggy.  They have a rule that small dogs cannot be adopted into families that have children under 14.  While as a general rule that’s a good idea for the protection of the dog, in this case, the children are 11 and 12 — ages that know how to treat an animal.  The group should check out the situation in the home and then decide if Iggy can go back or not.  They shouldn’t just say no without at least inspecting the home.

Further, I have an American Eskimo Dog — he’s considered small.  I, also, have two rambunctious two year old grandsons.  There’s never been a problem between the three.  Have Danny and Alex been a little rough with Skywalker?  Sure, but Sky’s the type of dog that takes it in stride.  The closest thing to an issue that we’ve had was the day Danny smacked Sky across the face and Sky reacted by knocking Danny to the floor and then walking away.  Danny learned not to hit Sky and Sky showed his amazing restraint by walking away from the situation.  I don’t think Ellen’s hairdresser would come close to having this kind of an issue with Iggy, since her girls are much older than 2.

Rather than have a broad rule banning kids under 14 from having small dogs, the group should weigh this on a case by case basis.

(BTW, in the case of Danny and Sky, the two are best of friends.  Danny grabs Sky by the tail and Sky leads him around the house in this follow the leader game the two of them enjoy.  Many kisses have been exhanged between the two.)

God Bless

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