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Date: September 21, 2007

Reading List…

Here’s what I’m currently reading, you might find the listed books interesting…Some are for work and the others are for fun.  I’m sure you can figure out which is which.


God answers Lawsuit — He Doesn’t sound happy

State Senator Ernie Chambers — a state legislator from Nebraska — has filed suit against God in the County District Court in Omaha, Nebaska.  (read story here). God doesn’t has decided that He shouldn’t answer to our courts and that they have no jurisdiction over Him.

I tend to agree with God.  Senator Chambers is “blaming God for human oppression and suffering”.  God contends that He gave us free will.  Again, I agree with God.  Man is to blame for our own oppression and suffering.  We can choose to help the helpless or we can stand idly by and let them suffer.  It’s our own free will that controls how we act.  If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

What a country we live in!

God Bless

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