Judge Robert Hanson struck down an Iowa law that declared marriage off limits for same sex couples.  According to CNN, Judge Hanson ruled that same-sex couples can marry based on the state constitution’s guarantee of equal treatment.

Man, I hope that guy was appointed to his seat and not elected.  If he was elected, he won’t be an Iowa judge for much longer.

Then again, I’ll bet people in California would have never guessed that Wisconsin would be the first state to make it illegal to deny housing and jobs to gays, so maybe the people of Iowa will rise up and take a stand on the right side of the issue.  (In case you have been following, the right side of the issue would be to be for gay marriage.)

The Polk County Attorney, John Sarcone, will be asking for a stay and he will be appealling.

I never thought a lawyer wouldn’t support civil rights, but then I don’t know that many lawyers.

I, also, don’t know that many people in Iowa.  My sister-in-law is from there and I’ve ordered a signed print from a gallery there — the man that sold it to me was very nice — but I don’t know much else.

God Bless Iowa and Judge Robert Hanson!

And, while He’s at it, God Bless the rest of us, too.