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Date: July 6, 2007

White House: Clinton shameless in Libby comments –  

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Apparently, two wrongs do make a right. Tony Snow seems to think that if Clinton can pardon, Bush can commute. Now, I don’t know how I feel about Clinton’s Pardons, but I know that Bush is on shaky legal ground here.

Of course, it is always the right’s answer to point to someone else and say, “He did it.”

God Bless

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White House: Clinton shameless in Libby comments –*
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Global Warming

I get these email updates from a magazine called Newsmax.  Now, I signed up for it to get the “other” side’s version of the truth.  (I still say that for the most part, the only non-leaning magazine is US News & World Report.)  Anyway, I’m pretty sick of this updates.  They have extreme headlines, such as “Al Gore’s Lie”, and a lot of times all the updates do is tout some book I’m not interested in reading.  I don’t think Newsmax represents the right wing as a whole, just the radical right fringe.

Today’s headline was the aforementioned “Al Gore’s Lie”.  It is about how Global Warming doesn’t exist and isn’t a worry for any of us.

How can anyone on this planet not believe in Global Warming?

Global Warming is a naturally occurring event.  The earth has been warming up for thousands of years.  That being said, just because Global Warming occurs naturally, does not mean that it isn’t affected by what we do.  In fact, we’ve made it worst over the years.

I took a science class while in college and had a professor that would be classified as right wing.  He was very conservative in his views.  He assigned us what I thought at the time was the worst final paper ever.  We had to write and prove scientifically whether or not man caused Global Warming.

So, I did my research, which included an experiment on how the earth cools and warms, and I had to conclude that man did not cause Global Warming.

However; using the same experiment, I concluded that while man didn’t cause Global Warming, he’s certainly made it worst.

So, I really don’t understand what the fight is all about.

Don’t we want clean air to breath for ourselves and our children?

Don’t we want clean water to drink?

Don’t we want to invent products that do no harm to the planet?

How can anyone in their right mind argue with that?

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that Global Warming doesn’t exist.  What difference would it make?  Why wouldn’t we want to make the air cleaner and our water safer to drink?

It just stands to reason.

God Bless

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