Just a random bit of thoughts…

First, I had dinner last night with a friend of mine, Daisy. Really sweet lady and, as usual, we have a wonderful time. We ate at this little place on sixth street, the something I can’t remember bistro. (It’s where What About Me used to be). I highly recommend the place. Order a High Society — I just taught the bartender how to make them.

Next, what is up with gas prices? Seriously, why is it that the oil companies are the only company on earth that makes huge profits when they have a shortage? I understand all that supply and demand stuff, but it stands to reason that if you only have so much to sell, even with raised prices, you shouldn’t be making billions in profit. Further, I looked it up — gas prices have risen a dollar since the end of Feb. That’s just ridiculous, especially since, last time I looked, the price for a barrel of oil has gone down.

And, why hasn’t there been a new refinery built in this country in the last 30 years? That could help them out.

We have a serious issue in Iraq right now, but both sides are completely wrong. We don’t need to announce a withdrawal date. I’m sorry, but it just plays into the hands of our enemies over there. On the other hand, when will the administration start listening to the military instead of micromanaging the war? And, here’s something to keep in mind… During WWII, we lost approx. 1 out of every 15 soldiers. In Vietnam, it was 1 out of every 1500. Now, it’s 1 out of every 15000. That isn’t a great comfort to those families who have lost someone (and my heart goes out to them), but we aren’t losing as many soldiers as people think…

What we are doing is not taking care of the survivors. Let’s stop fighting in Congress and realize what’s truly important — that our VA’s are properly staffed and funded to take care of American’s wounded heroes. It is disgusting that we do not take better care of our Veterans. I don’t want to hear about who’s at fault, because we all are, let’s just join together and fix it.

On a lighter note, I heard that someone wants to build a waterpark in Racine. Well, let’s have at it! What a terrific idea! A nice place for some much needed family fun! Let Kenosha have it’s Casino, let’s build a waterpark!

God Bless!