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Date: March 8, 2007

57 Chevy vs 07 Impala

So, I’m reading the AARP Bulletin this morning and on the last page there is a comparison between the 57 Chevy and the 07 Impala. The Impala offers the standard features (air conditioning, power steering) that were considered optional on the 57 Chevy (although, that plush pile carpeting sounds pretty good). Anyway, the MPG on a 57 Chevy V-8 was 14. Pretty impressive for 50 years ago. The Impala is only 18MPG on the V-8 model.

How could we only gain 4MPG in 50 years? Shouldn’t our technology alone account for more that 4MPG? I would think so.

Admittedly, all I know about cars is how to check the oil and add gas. I’m not a car buff. I’m driving a car that’s 7 years old, so I don’t have the latest and greatest model. But, I still find it hard to believe that we can only gain 4MPG in 50 years. Maybe that’s why the top three car manufacturers in 1957 were Ford, GM and Chrysler and now they’re Toyota, GM and Ford.

God Bless


Once and for all, here’s how I feel about a casino being built in Kenosha.

I don’t think it should be built. Period.

Yes, I think there are too many casinos all ready in this state and everywhere. I don’t think a casino constitutes family fun just because it has a hotel with a swimming pool and an arcade. Kids don’t belong in and around a casino anymore than I think they should be around alcohol. (Yeah, I’m one of those who think you shouldn’t drink around your kids.)

Gambling is a vice. I’ve been known to pull a few handles on slot machines and pick up a lottery ticket now and then, but really, I don’t want a casino in Kenosha. Why not a nice indoor waterpark? It might bring in less tax money, but no one is going to lose their rent money there.

I have the right to my opinion. This is my blog and my website and I’m not crazy for thinking that a place that promotes a vice — and gambling is a vice — isn’t what should get built in place of the dog track.

So, I don’t really care if you think I’m being ridiculous, I don’t support the idea of yet another casino in this state. And, I’m sorry there are people in this state that think promoting a vice is a good way to raise tax dollars.

God Bless

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