George W. Bush wants Congress to back his energy plan. He wants to cut “gasoline consumption by up to 20 percent over 10 years.”* That’s a nice start, but how is that going to happen when he opposes setting higher fuel-economy standards?

What he does what to do is require the use of ethanol to the tune of 35 billion gallons a year by 2017. This might not be as the politicians proclaim it to be.

First, while “ethanol industry profited handsomely last year, it continued to benefit from billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.”** So, basically, we’re going to subsidize an industry that’s already making money on its own. Is that like the tax breaks we give the oil companies?

Second, ethanol — as of now — is made from corn. Have you noticed our rising corn prices? If we rely on ethanol, will it get worse?

Finally, ethanol doesn’t make it any cleaner for the environment. Are we not going to lower emissions?

Another reason I’m against Bush’s energy plan is that he wants Congress to give his administration the power to set the standards. Is he for real? Hasn’t Congress given him way too much power in this nation as it is?

We need to come up with a solution to our current energy crisis, but I don’t think Bush’s plan is the answer.

God Bless

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