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Date: February 6, 2007

Harry Potter Link didn’t work…


So on Friday, I’m driving home from work, singing to my radio and I hear a pop — like the opening of a soda can, but louder. Then, the engine just stops. Boom, done, just like that!

Luckily, I have roadside rescue on my Sprint phone and I call for a tow truck. It’s cold, very, very cold. Gonna be an hour wait, no big deal. I bundle up, take out my DS and start playing to keep my mind off the cold.

Pretty soon, maybe 10 minutes later, here comes a Milwaukee Sheriff. You okay? he asks. Yeah, fine, got a tow truck coming. Not a problem. He suggests I put it in neutral and he’ll push me closer to the side of the road. I do this, he pushes. Then, he checks again. You sure you’re okay? Yep, I’m fine. I’m toasty and it’s all good. He tells me he’ll check on me later to make sure I’m still okay.

Well, a forty-five minutes later, I’m now freezing. I can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone — Cheryl’s not answering, our friends aren’t answering — and still no tow truck. Here comes another couple of Sheriff deputies. You okay? No, I’m freezing. Come wait in the squad, which I do. Very nice police officers — all three of them.

Naturally, the tow truck shows up ten minutes later. Thanks for keeping me warm. I greet the driver. Driver takes me and Susie (my car) to shop, which is closed until Monday and we drop off Susie. I slip the key into the shops mail slot and driver takes me home.

Still no Cheryl.

Anyway, Cheryl comes home about an hour after I get there. Sorry, I’m late and where’s your car?

Here’s the moral of the story: You have a cell phone for emergencies, check it once in a while. 🙂

Anyway, now, shop’s called, Susie needs a new engine. And, it’s going to cost around $2300 and we don’t have it. So, if you’re planning on ordering any books from Amazon, please do me a favor and order from here. This puts a couple of pennies in my pocket and maybe, I can earn enough to pay for the engine.

If you’re planning on pre-ordering the new Harry Potter, please do that here as well. I get a couple of bucks and you were pre-ordering anyway.

Man, I’ve got to find a job closer to home than the north side of Milwaukee!

God Bless!

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