Perhaps, I’ve missed something. I haven’t watched the View all week and my DVR gave out, so I missed it last week, too. I didn’t hear Rosie’s comments about Donald Trump, except a small snippet played on the radio. I have heard a huge portion of Trump’s comments, which I think are out of line.

Now, I see on that Trump is saying that Rosie’s girlfriend (Donald, they were married a couple of years ago, so Kelly is Rosie’s wife) needs to trade up. This disgusts me to no end. Would he get way with this speech if Rosie was a man married/dating a woman? Probably not.

And, why are we giving this blowhard the time of day? (Especially myself, as I should know better).

While I admire Mr. Trump for moving on up, so to speak, I think he’s going overboard. Let it go, Donald, just let it go. Continuing this feud is not helping anyone, least of all those of us who didn’t want to be in the middle in the first place.

God Bless