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Date: November 1, 2006

And some people think I’d be a bad mom!

According to a CNN Article, Agla Nadia Vincent duck taped her two boys together “while she went to work”.  What in the world could this woman be thinking?  Also, this is just another example of why straight people should have to get licenses to procreate.  You need one to drive a car, but these irresponsible people continue on their way.  Further, not one person has ever been able to find a case of a gay person abusing their children!

God Bless those little guys — with a mom like that — they’re going to need it!

More Pictures of da boys…

Lynne Cheney’s Dirty Lesbian Novel

So, according to a CNN article I read yesterday, Lynne Cheney wrote a lesbian novel called “Sisters”. Also according to CNN, the book is out of print and Mrs. Cheney asked the publisher not to reissue it during the 2004 Presidential campaign.

So, I’m just sitting here wondering, what’s the big deal? Why wouldn’t they want the book reissued. I’ll bet, since right now on Amazon it is selling for $625.00, it would be selling like hotcakes. Mrs. Cheney could be making a fortune on it.

But, maybe, they don’t need the money.

Maybe, they don’t want the book to come out because they ran on the Holier than thou ticket.

Which brings me to Foley…

I was thinking the other day of why I’m so mad at the Republicans for protecting their precious Congressional seat and here’s why:

They claim to be the moral compass of our nation. See, I expect a Democrat to have some sexual skeleton in his closet, afterall, Democrats don’t stand up and proclaim a moral superiority. But, Republicans do. And, just as I wouldn’t expect a Christian to rob a bank, I hold Republicans to a higher moral code. And, this is why I’m still mad at the Republicans. I expect more out of them.

Remember when being a Republican meant controlling government spending?

Remember when being a Republican meant championing for individual rights?

Remember when being a Republican meant small government?

Remember when being a Republican meant little or no government interference in your life?

Can you remember that far back?

Now, being a Republican means that you vote for an amendment that will guarantee rights to be denied to our citizens.

Being a Republican means that you try to legislate morals.

Being a Republican means that you don’t limit government spending.

Being a Republican means that you support spying on US citizens without a warrant.

Being a Republican means that you call anyone who disagrees with your views on the country a traitor.

And, being a Republican means that you hide your sinning past so it doesn’t interfer with your new holier than thou public image.

Isn’t that a shame?

God Bless

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