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Date: October 26, 2006

The 700 mile Border Fence

Truth be told, I’m not sure if I support a 700 mile fence along the US – Mexican border. On one hand, I think it is a needless expense. On the other hand, the economy could use the jobs it would create.

But, I do know this, I don’t support Bush signing a law authorizing the fence, but no authorizing the money. Just how much is this fence going to cost us? According to CNN, “The act provides no funding mechanism for the fence, though a $1.2 billion appropriation was approved as part of a bill the president signed this month. There are no concrete numbers, but estimates suggest the fence would cost twice that amount. The earlier bill, however, stipulates that the $1.2 billion could be used for a fence, lighting, vehicle barriers and high-tech equipment.” So, could this fence really cost us $2.4 billion? And, who’s going to pay for that? Will we cut federal school money to pay for it? How are the owners’ of the property the fence cuts through going to be compensated?

Did anyone really think about this?

How do the border guards feel? They’re the ones that’ll end up maintaining/watching over it?

Will these questions ever be answered?

Stay tuned. 🙂

God Bless


Senator: Kohl. No reason other than I just like the man.

Governor: Doyle. He inherited a state that was massively in debt, even after those good years in the 90s, and he’s been handling it well. He’s stood up and vetoed the bills that needed to be vetoed (remember concealed carry?). Mark Green has been in Washington way to long to be a good governor for our state.

State Senator: Lehman. 1) Lehman’s is a good representative. He response to his constituents. Case in point, I sent out identical emails to him and Cathy Stepp regarding people being denied home owner’s insurance because of their breed of dog. The response from Stepp was thanks for your letter, I haven’t heard of this happening. Have a good day. Lehman sent a reply that said, I’ve never heard of this, let me research it. I’ll get back to you. And he did! He wrote a bill that then was killed in the Insurance committee, but he tried. 2) All McReynolds has done for Racine is a $19 million dollar jail and cut the budgets for the Racine Museum and the zoo. Gee thanks a lot for nothing. Oh, he did sell the county sheriff’s department bumpers for their cars.

Congressman: Ryan. I don’t always agree with Paul Ryan, I really don’t. If I write him a letter about how I think things ought to be, he usually replies that he’s still voting for or against an issue. But, anytime I’ve ever contacted him for anything, I’ve received a reply within weeks. And, everytime I wanted information about a subject, he sent it. I wanted the Army of Engineers report about the levees in New Orleans, two weeks later, I had it. Maybe, he and I don’t see eye to eye about some of the issues — we do agree once in a while, but those are the times I don’t write him — but Paul Ryan is good at what we pay him to do. He informs his constituents about issues, he holds listening sessions. He’s a good guy.

One last thing I’d like to point out. I’ve seen the ads being run about how Doyle didn’t do anything and Honda built their plant somewhere else. Lehman voted against the job creation bill and Honda build their plant somewhere else. What these misleading commercials haven’t told you is that Honda never wanted to build their plant in Wisconsin. We weren’t even on the short list. But you won’t see that ad, will you? Oh and the Job Creation Bill passed and was signed into law by Governor Doyle and Honda still built their plant somewhere else. And, the “Job Creation Act” hasn’t created one job.

God Bless

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