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Date: October 23, 2006

William D. Perez

I saw the headline on The Wall Street Journal and I had to stop and read it. Could it really be the same Perez who worked for SC Johnson and spent 8 years as the CEO?

And, well, it is. How nice for him. He’s taking over the reigns at Wrigley when their stock is in a slump, but maybe he can turn it around for them. I wonder if this would be a good time to buy some Wrigley stock?

Quite a few years ago, Mr. Perez and I disagreed because of a statement he made to the Racine Journal Times. I’m not going to go into the whole discussion, but after I wrote a letter to the Racine Journal Times, Mr. Perez sent me a letter re-explaining his position. While I don’t remember if it changed my mind or not, it did impress me that he would go out of his way to send a letter to someone who disagreed with him. Since that time, I’ve silently cheered him on.

So, kudos to you, Mr. Perez. I hope you do a terrific job with Wrigley.

God Bless

OLD NEWS: MGM Mirage not building Casino in Kenosha

This is old news, but a little relavant especially since I am still receiving comments on the Kenosha casino blog I wrote way back in July. I still stand behind that blog, by the way. Kenosha doesn’t need a casino. Kenosha needs to be courting Chrysler to build it’s proposed engine plant I’ve heard rumors about.

Apparently, the MGM Mirage Casino in Las Vegas was in talks with the Menominee tribe to bring a MGM casino here. But, the Menominee tribe was insistent that Dennis Troha be involved and the MGM people said no.

Wonder why?

Actually, they said it was because they needed no more partners, but the Menominee tribe insisted that Troha’s political clout was needed and that was the end of talks with MGM. Real shame, as the MGM Mirage people really know how to run a casino, afterall they run 15 of them worldwide.

So, if Troha had done the right thing and walked away, would Kenosha have a casino? I don’t know. Doyle seems to pretty much squash that bug by selling “the Potawatomi a gaming monopoly covering a 50-mile radius from its Milwaukee casino”, which really makes all this casino talk pretty much moot.

Also, from what I can tell the bills in both the House and the Senate that would limit off-reservation gambling look stalled, unless I just didn’t find the article that said they passed. Somehow, even with bipartisan support, Congress can’t pass the bills, but I’m still researching this, as I can’t find an article that includes the number of the bills.

In any case, I’m still against a casino in Kenosha. But, why don’t we take that dog track land and build a water park and a small amusement park? Why let Gurnee have all the fun? Plus, that would provide entertainment the entire family could enjoy. Green Bay has a little park with small rides and a wading pool and on the day we were there, it was packed with people. (I think it’s called Bay Beach.) I’m sure Kenosha could do something like that.

But, that’ll never happen because some moron would probably stand in the way of good, clean fun and prevent it from happening.

God Bless

PS. I’d like to offer a special blessing to my new pal who writes anonymous comments attacking me and my weight, because obviously he isn’t smart enough or have enough confidence in himself to make an educated comment without being mean spirited. Nor, since he keeps insisting that I’m unemployed, uneducated and uninsured, is he someone who even knows anything about me. So, let’s all ask God to watch over him, because I’m sure he needs special care.

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