Frankly, I don’t care one way or another what Madonna does. I don’t buy her CDs, I’ve only seen a couple of her movies and I’m not a Material Girl…


No one in Malawi was going to adopt this boy, David Banda. No one was coming for him. His mother is dead and his father can’t afford to feed him. The orphanage can barely afford to clothe and feed all the children in this poor country. Madonna didn’t jump in line and push a Malawi citizen out of her way. She didn’t take advantage of her celebritiy to deny a Malawi citizen the right to adobt David.

What she did do was make a connection with a child and offer him a place where he can lay his head, be clothed, fed and cared for. She did what Jesus told us to do — clothe the naked, feed the hungry.

And what does she get for it?

The so-called Human Rights groups all over her for the adoption.

What in God’s good name is wrong with these people? This child will grow up with not one, but two parents (Madonna is married). AND, David now has one brother and one sister, as Madonna and her husband, Guy Richie, have two children. He’s gaining a ready-made family.

David’s father is thrilled that his son will be taken care of by Madonna, so the rest of us need to butt out.

Frankly, I could give a rat’s ass about a law prohibiting Malawi’s orphaned and unwanted children to be adopted by foreigners. Just who in the holy hell do they think can take better care of this child? Certainly no one in Malawi. They can’t afford to.

I am singing Madonna’s praises for her actions. She’ll give this child a good life. And, maybe, when David grows up, he’ll be able to return the favor for another poor and unfortunate child.

God Bless