According to a CNN article from today, married women are turning away from the Republican party and George W. Bush. Married women had been drawn to Bush during the 2004 election because they “had a general fondness for the man himself.” I can understand that, most of them are probably married to good old boys like Bush and he is a better looking guy than Kerry. Plus, Bush likes his wife and is good to his mom. I’m not saying Kerry doesn’t like his wife and isn’t good to his mom, but George W. Bush is exceptional in this regard.

But, I digress, as this is not my point.

Tina Wagner, a stay-at-home mom, (most of the interviewees were stay-at-home-moms) stated the she might vote for the Democrat “if they fit my values.” I just wonder what those values are?

More money in your pocket? Healthcare for all? A job that pays the bills?

Or, did she mean, no marriage for gays? And, prayer in school? Like praying in school could be stopped. I prayed more in school as a child than I think I do in church as an adult and, yet again, I digress.

Apparently, we only have moral values when the economy doesn’t suck. Nobody cared that Clinton was a pig when no one had a job, we voted for the man. But, once the economy was booming, suddenly where he stuck a cigar was big news. Now, the Republicans are feeling the heat. Tax breaks for the upper 1% of the nation, no healthcare for all and a war less than 40% of the nation still reports, they can’t afford a mess like Foley.

Because, now, they’re losing the women that put them where they are today.

God Bless