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Date: October 6, 2006

Bush Supports Hastert

Isn’t that nice? President Bush is standing next to House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Nice to know that the leader of the free world is standing beside a man who let a child molester stay in Congress.

The CNN article goes on to say, “House Majority Leader John Boehner, of Ohio, attributed the scandal to partisan dirty tricks and said the uncovering of the messages just weeks before midterm elections ‘is concerning, at a minimum.'”

Really? Because Hastert “insisted he learned about the sexually explicit messages last Friday, when they were released.”

But, “A former House staffer has said he told Hastert’s office before 2005 that there were concerns about Foley.”

So, who’s at fault? The Democrats because this scandal happened to hit a little more than a month before the mid-term elections or the Republicans for keeping this quite for at least a year?

My guess is that it is the Republicans.

I can’t believe the nerve of Hastert, according to the article, “‘I’m going to run and presumably win in this election, and when I do I expect to run for speaker,’ Hastert told reporters at his district office outside Chicago.”

He should be running away with his Republican tail between his legs.

This is the party that spent millions to find out what was on a blue dress and where a cigar had been, but they couldn’t make sure that a member of their party didn’t send inappropriate emails and IMs to Pages?

And, how dare the Republicans claim this is some ploy from the left to ruin their election — the left didn’t need this to win, the sagging economy and war in Iraq was taking care of that. (Plus, am I the only one who thinks it is odd that suddenly the price of a barrel of oil has dropped right before the mid-term elections? But, that’s fodder for another article.)

I have to stop now, because I need to go throw up.

God Bless

Why I won’t be voting for any Republican Candidates

Just once, I’d like to vote for a Republican — just once. I haven’t voted for any Republican candidate since the 80’s. None of them stand for that in which I believe. And, isn’t that a shame? You would think that I would agree with at least one Republican.

I’m not voting for the Republican candidate for Governor, Mark Green, for a couple of reasons. First, he agreed with George W. Bush way too many times and he voted that way. Since the country is faced with stragflation that we haven’t seen since the 70’s, agreeing with Bush wasn’t the right thing to do. Plus, the man has no balls. I haven’t seen one news report where he stood up and fought for anything. Add on the fact that according to the AARP 2006 Voters’ Guide for Wisconsin Governor, Mark Green has no opinion on a “health care system with a shared approach to funding that provides comprehensive, affordable, quality health care services for all Wisconsinites”. Instead of saying Support or Oppose, his statement is as follows:

Rather than increasing the government’s role in health care, I’ll empower patients with more information so they can work with their physician to make good decisions. I also believe we need to do more to prevent disease and avoid expensive treatments. As governor, I’ll promote and provide incentives for regular check-ups and healthy living choices.

I’ll also take steps to reduce health care costs that have nothing to do with providing health care. A chunk of our health care spending is directly related to frivolous lawsuits. I want your health care dollars going to keep you well, not to line the pockets of well-off trial attorneys.

Finally, I disagree with Governor Doyle’s veto of the increase in Medicaid reimbursements for nursing homes and pharmacists.”

That doesn’t look like an answer to me. At least not the answer to the question. Just how does he think he’ll “empower” patients with more information if they don’t have the money or health insurance to actually go to the doctor? If you can’t afford a checkup, all the information in the world isn’t going to help you. Next, why is it that Republicans only discuss frivolous lawsuits when it comes to healthcare. Why don’t they talk about stiffer penalties when doctors are found guilty of malpractice? And, finally, did you know a lot of nursing homes require that you buy your medication through them? This goes for Assisted Living facilities, as well. The price for buying from them can be 1/3 more or even 50% more than if you were allowed to purchase the medications from your own pharmacy. So, tossing more money at them doesn’t help the situation.

Okay, enough of Mark Green, let’s talk about McReynolds. Don’t vote for the man. He’s left Racine County trying to figure out how to pay for a 19 million dollar jail AND he cut the funding to both the zoo and the Racine Museum. Now, the funding for the zoo was a drop in the bucket compared to a 19 million dollar jail — we don’t need, by the way — Plus, our zoo was one of the last 8 free zoos in the nation. And, I’m sure that we get more money for a longer period of time from out of towners visiting the zoo than we’ll ever see from the jail. How many people are going to show up to tour the jail? We needed to fund improvements at the zoo to make it an even better place to visit. Have you seen it lately, it’s a sad looking place and it could be so much more.

Plus, I’m a little miffed that the Rock County District Attorney, David O’Leary, didn’t find any wrong doing in the sale of “bumpers to the Racine County Sheriff’s Department while McReynolds was both sheriff and county executive.” McReynolds owns 1/3 of Force Engineering, which sold the bumpers. And, there isn’t an ethics violation? I really believe that Force Engineering had the best bumpers and the best prices — yeah, right. Mr. O’Leary is a Republican, McReynolds is a Republican and Michael Nieskes (Racine’s own District Attorney) is a Republican. Just how did you think O’Leary would decide whether McReynolds had any ethics violations? He certainly isn’t going to say, hey, my fellow Republican is an ethics violator. Afterall, Republicans will let a child molester keep his Congressional seat just so they don’t lose it to a Democrat.

Now, I’m running out space and time, so I will just say this:

When you go to vote on November 7, stop and think about what our Republican led State Legistlature did this past year.

They passed and Governor Doyle signed the Job Creation Act and Wisconsin’s job market didn’t gain one job. Not one from it, so that was a waste of tax payer time.

Next, take a look at the ballot, our Republican led Legistlature has planted the death penalty right there to be voted upon. Excuse me, but since when is this a pressing matter?

Take a look at that wonderful amendment banning gay marriages and civil unions of both the straight and gay kind. Isn’t that lovely for our great progressive state? Thank the Republicans!

Finally, isn’t it time to give the other side a chance? The Republicans have been in charge long enough and it’s time to say Adios, amigos! We’ll clean up your mess and take it from here!

God Bless

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