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Date: October 5, 2006

Hastert — Won’t give up Post

Now the House Ethics Committee has met behind closed doors and said, “Hey, do you think NOW we should investigate Foley for being a prev?”

A little late — it’s like closing the cat door after the dog has come through it!

Oh, I’m so glad that House Speaker Dennis “I’ll look the other way while you molest that child” Hastert isn’t stepping down. I have NEVER in my life been so proud to say I no longer live in Illinois.

Will it never end?

God Bless

Forcing abortions is sick…

First, let me say again, that anyone forcing anyone else to have an abortion is a sick human being.

That said, I just wonder if the parents would be charged with terrorizing their daughter, if they had kidnapped her to prevent her from having an abortion?

Just a thought, as in this day and age, I’m sure they wouldn’t.

God Bless

The So-called Moral Party

You know what is really pissing me off about the Foley scandal. It’s not there’s another prevert in our midst, I’ve come to expect that. It’s the rare good person in the world I’m surprised to meet.

No, what really gets my goat, is that for the last 12 years, the Republicans have stood up as some moral compass for our country. They’ve claimed that they are the moral ones and they protected Foley and allowed him to molest children, as if this is okay. Well, he’s just one prev in a long line of them, but he’s our prev and that’s what counts. The Congressional seat was more important than the well being of children.

The entire Republican party needs to be punished for Foley’s crimes and the lack of leadership they have shown in the matter.

The moral compass of our nation needs to be leaders who lead, not bobbleheads who just go along for the ride.

God Bless

These are in total bad taste…

Okay, tonight I’m sitting here pissed off at the Republicans and some t-shirt ideas come to me. I thought mine were pretty bad, but I saw worse on CafePress, so I’m not the only sick person around.

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