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Date: September 15, 2006


So, I’m checking out the headlines at and I notice under Entertainment the following headline:
“Clooney, Nobel winner demand Darfur action”.

Under ENTERTAINMENT?!? Why is the horror in Darfur listed under Entertainment? The Nobel Prize winner mentioned in the headline is Elie Wiesel (a hero of mine). When Wiesel talks, the world ought to be listening, not banishing it to the ENTERTAINMENT section of news.

We’ve all ready made the mistake — the entire world — for letting Darfur go on as long as it has. We will as a group be punished by God Himself for not feeding, clothing, healing and protecting those in Darfur. Could we not pretend this is nothing more than the launch of a new movie?

God Bless

Quick Thought…

I’ve been reading the the Republicans are proclaiming that they are tough on terrorism because there has not been one attack on American soil in five years. Well, I don’t think that is truly something to brag about. After the World Trade Center was attacked in 1993 there wasn’t another outside source attack on American soil until 2001. And, I don’t call that a success story, because our leaders then ignored the signs that allowed 9/11 to occur. I don’t think these terrorist groups are organized well enough to plan another attack as quickly.

God Bless

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