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Date: August 17, 2006

Don’t call me anti-business…

I am really and truly sick and tired of being called anti-business because I lean a little to the left. Why can’t a company be expected to pay decent wages to its employees? Why should a company be allowed to not offer affordable — and, good– health insurance which leaves the states to pick up the slack.

Back in the days when I was downsized a couple of times in a row, I had been looking into getting healthcare from one of the temporary companies for whom I worked. They wanted nearly $200 a month, but I would have a $500 deductible and half of the medications I was on at the time were not covered. Nor, were some doctor visits. But, yet, the company did “provide” health insurance — just not good health insurance.

So, why shouldn’t Democrats have a problem with Wal-Mart? The company is owned by the riches families in American, yet pays some of the lowest wages. And, it isn’t jus Wal-Mart. Numerous companies post high profits, yet low pay raises for their employees. Someone’s getting rich while the middle class just gets dumped on and taxed to death. The Republicans have had since 1994 to come up with a better plan. They added the White House to the mix in 2001 and yet, the middle class is shrinking and the upper 1% is just getting richer.

Exactly how can they think their way is the RIGHT way, when the nation is not headed in the right direction?

God Bless

And, now a judge who should be unbenched…

Judge Gary McKinley stated the following, I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m going to. I see positive things about participating in football.” Then, he decided that two high school students would be allowed to serve their sixty day sentences AFTER football season is over.

Here’s what these two morons did (as reported on CNN):

The “teens stole the decoy from a man’s home, created a base to help it stand upright because it had only two legs, and then drove up and down the road, watching as drivers swerved to avoid it, prosecutor Brad Bailey said. He said Howard did not stop the prank.”

And, what happened?

Robert Roby Jr. swerved to avoid hitting the deer and crashed his car into a pole. He “broke his neck, collarbone, arm and leg. His passenger, Dustin Zachariah, suffered brain damage.”

These two kids cause injuries to two people — serious, life threatening and life changing injuries — and they get to go home and play football?

Judge McKinley, you should be found in contempt of court for a stupid, slap on the wrist sentence like that. These boys should not have been tied as minors, but as adults. If Mr. Roby and Mr. Zachariah had died from their injuries, would Campbell and Howard been allowed to play basketball, too?

God Bless

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is my hero

Finally, a judge has enough guts to say and do what should’ve been said and done a long time ago. Spying on US Citizens without a warrant is illegal and must be stopped. Judge Anna Diggs Taylor is the only judge who decided to actually read the constitution!

God Bless

Misleading Ads

On my way into work this morning, I heard an ad that claimed that John Lehman is the reason that Honda built a plant in Alabama instead of where it belonged — Wisconsin.  I didn’t hear who sponsored it.  So, I decided to research this issue to find out if this is true and what do I find on the Internet?  Two more radio ads (in pdf. format) saying the same thing, only this time the Honda plant was built in Indiana.

Excuse me, but how can you blame John Lehman for single handedly ruining the chances of two different plants, both for the same company?

Sounds to me like someone is trying to mislead the public because Representative Lehman is running for State Senator.

Further, the little “fact checking” at the bottom of the ads claims that the statement “In fact, he’s making things worse.” (he being John) is backed up by 28.6% Cumulative WMC Voting Record, 1997-Present.  No where in that “fact” does it list how things were made worse.

There are other so called facts at the bottom that list bills Representative Lehman voted against.  I’ll research the full text of them and post it here.

In this upcoming election, since the Republicans have passed NOTHING that will help the state of Wisconsin, I think they’re skating on thin ice.

I would, also, like to point out that Lehman’s opponent, McReynolds, voted for a 19 million dollar jail in Racine.  I’m sure that’s done a lot for Racine.

God Bless

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