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Date: August 9, 2006 The Unmaking of a Senator: How Bloggers Pulled It Off — Page 1

I’ve got to make this fast, as I’m going to pick my cousin up for dinner and Blogger’s about to do maintenance, but according to this Time article (click link above) “Mary Matalin, an outside adviser to the White House, signaled the message when she said on Fox News Channel shortly after the polls closed: “MoveOn is not fringe. They’re the heart of the party.””

Now, I don’t always agree with MoveOn, but if you read the whole article, it’s almost saying that Republicans think Democrat bloggers are the far left. So, does that make Republican bloggers the far right? I don’t assume that every Republican blogger cannot find the left side of the room. I don’t think it’s fair that they label Democrat bloggers the same way.

I think that the higher ups in the Republican party are losing touch with those of us here on the ground. I’m sure that their blogging supporters would agree.

Maybe, the Republicans could use a little youth blood in their party to get them with the times?

God Bless!

I’m not homophobic! I’m not homophobic!

Theresa R. Deschenes is being sued by a civil rights advocate’s office in Rhode Island for verbally harassing and threatening her gay neighbor. According to the article in the NY Blade, Deschenes threatened to kill Kenneth Potts “if you do anything to my daughter.”

A similar article on 247 Gay supports this, but has an added paragraph that states, “The Providence Journal reports that during the injunction hearing Potts, 48, testified how his relationship with Deschenes got off poorly in March as he was preparing to move into the apartment house. Soon after telling Deschenes that he was gay and ill, Potts said he received a phone call from Deschenes after she had left her young daughter alone in the apartment upstairs.”

Now, we all know that I am all for people being able to say what they want, when they want. If you want to let me know that you disapprove of me because of my religion, sexual orientation or fatness, go right ahead, BUT you have no right to make me uncomfortable in my own home or threaten my life. That falls under the category of harassment and it is wrong. You wouldn’t want me to come to your house and announce to your neighbors that you’re a jerk, so don’t come to mine and do the same thing.

That said, what really caught my eye for this whole thing is that Deschenes claims that despite the anti-gay slurs she used, she isn’t homophobic. Really? Your first thought when dealing with a gay neighbor is to make anti-gay comments and you’re NOT homophobic? Girl, you’re living in a dream world. You’re homophobic. Trust me I know.

On a good note,
Deschenes apologized for her comments. So, Potts should forgive her, as a good Christian should. Let the healing begin.

God Bless

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