So, I was watching the View — yesterday’s edition — and the guest host (filling in for the recently let go Star Jones) was American Idol contestant, Katharine McPhee. The subject came up that she and the other American Idol people are meeting President Bush.

Joy Behar stated, “Doesn’t Bush have more to do? Isn’t he busy with Hezbollah that he now has to deal with American Idol?”

To which that great brain, Elizabeth Hasselbeck responded, “He wants to keep a perspective on what’s going on. It’s huge. More people voted for American Idol probably than in the election.”

When Joy said, “I can’t believe you’re defending him in this too,” Elizabeth answered, “I’m just saying this is something that’s big. Just as big.”

Oh, that is so wrong on so many levels.

I’m just saying.

God Bless