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Date: July 26, 2006

Senate Removes Abortion Option for Young Girls – New York Times

Why? That’s all I need to ask — why? Why is the Senate wasting taxpayer money when the majority of abortions occur to 40 + year old women? How many underage abortions do they really think they are preventing?

Now, all of you know that I am pro-life and anti-abortion, BUT what is this going to do to that underage girl who’s parents are going to absolutely flip if they find out she’s pregnant? Answer me that. If she is so fearful of her parents that she doesn’t discuss her pregnancy with them, what makes you think she’s going to come clean about the abortion? What makes you think that she will give birth to a happy and healthy baby and all will end well? This isn’t an after school special — this is real life — and either she’ll kill the kid after she gives birth or it’ll grow up knowing that it wasn’t really wanted. Not many kids give their babies up for adoption.

So, thanks US Senate for wasting your time on a doesn’t do much bill and, if you’re pregnant with no where to turn and don’t want the baby — don’t abort. Drop it off at my house. I’ll raise it as my own.

God Bless

Richard Hatch — Sent to Prison…

According to a CNN article, Richard Hatch has been sent to the Federal Transfer Center in OK. Do we really care?

I mean, who is this guy? Yeah, yeah, he won the first survivor, but that doesn’t make him a public figure, does it? So, what, he won a game show — a tough show I’m not sure I could win, but still it is just a game show. Why are we making these nobodies our new heroes. At least with actors they have a craft and with the kids from American Idol, they have a talent we can for which we can admire them, but Survivor casts? I don’t get it.

Why did the View hire Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Because of Survivor. Does that really qualify her to co-host a talk show? I don’t think so, but then, maybe I would feel differently if I watched Survivor.

What do you think?

God Bless

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