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Date: July 25, 2006

Dennis Troha — Bad Mob Impressionist?

Man, I can’t stand Dennis “I’m asshole” Troha! He arranged a Feb. 2nd fund raiser for Governor Doyle and even though he is supporting a candidate I support, I still can’t stand the man. He states, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “absolutely no assurances, no threats’ to persuade the contractors to make large donations.”

Yeah, like I believe that. Isn’t this the man who said that you need to know how to swing the bat to do business in Kenosha? Who the hell does this guy think he is Tony Soprano? I swear, this guy is the guy who gives Italians a bad name!

Also according to the JS article, Troha said: “Anybody who is a friend of the project, a friend of the governor’s, is a friend of mine.” Really? Now, he sounds like Pacino in Scarface.

I’ve seen a lot of money poured into Milwaukee and Wisconsin from the Potawatomi tribe and I think casinos are good for the economy to a point, but I have plenty of objections.

First, I’m not backing anything that still has Dennis Troha’s name attached to it. He was a lousy owner and employer when he owned ATC Leasing/Dallas and Mavis and I’m sure he will still suck big time at a casino. The man is a union buster and rarely gave decent raises to his employees while he lives high on the hog. And, hired his family members to help siphon off the profits into the family’s hands.

Second, a “Connecticut-based Mohegan tribe is partners with the Menominee tribe of Wisconsin” and I don’t believe for one minute that a Connecticut tribe is going to give a rat’s ass about the people of Wisconsin. They only want to make money.

Finally, I’m really sick of Kenosha anyway. They don’t have to pay for the stupid baseball stadium that those of us in Racine have to pay for. If there is going to be a casino in the Racine/Kenosha area, it should be ours, not theirs. I could care less if their dog track folds. Too many jerks from Illinois have moved into Kenosha and ruined it for the rest of us.

Well, that’s all I got to say about that.

God Bless.

Electric Cars…

Did you know that there are — or rather were — electric cars out there that can travel between 100 and 120 miles without recharging and drive faster than 80 mph?

I didn’t until I started seeing information on a movie that should be out soon called “Who Killed My Electric Car?”

Doesn’t that just get your panties in a bunch while you pay $3.17 a gallon for gas that you might have been able to purchase an electric car that would cost you many dollars less to run?

It starts mine bunching up. How hard would it be to eventually switch us all from our dependency on oil? If the car companies would just build the cars, we would all move over sooner or later.

For the sake of the world and our country, it should be sooner than later.

God Bless

Hold on to your hats…

You’re not going to believe this, but I actually agree with President Bush. He said (in reference to swearing in foreign born American soldiers, who were wounded in Iraq), “We are stronger and more dynamic when we welcome new citizens like these. As the nation debates the future of our immigration policies, we must remember the contribution of these good men.”

He’s right.

As a kid, I spent a lot of time in the Great Lakes Naval Hospital. Whether it was the flu, broken finger, broken collar bone or stitches that I needed, there was usually a Navy Corpman or Corpwoman who was not from around here attending to me. I met people from the Philippines, as well as other nations, who were serving our country in the Navy and serving it well.

With all this talk about immigration and I hear a lot about how they should just go home, our country couldn’t and wouldn’t be here today without the immigrants.

As the song says, “Anytime that flags unfurled, they’re coming to America.”

And we should keep them coming.

God Bless

PS. I’m taking this quote (as the rest came) from the NY Times story. Thought it was cute and wanted to make sure my readers saw it.

As in the past, Mr. Bush said in his remarks Monday that the United States “can be a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time.’’ He said this was “a joyful day’’ for himself and for the three soldiers: Specialist Noe Santos-Dilone, 21, originally from the Dominican Republic and now of Brooklyn, and two natives of Mexico, Specialist Sergio Lopez, 24, of Bolingbrook, Ill., and Pfc. Eduardo Leal-Cardenas, 21, of Los Angeles.

All were seriously wounded — two lost limbs — by homemade bombs in Iraq. Mr. Bush said he had met one of them, Specialist Santos-Dilone, at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington this year.

“He grabbed my hand, and he said, ‘I’m not a citizen of the United States, and I want to be,’ ” the president recalled, adding, “Now here’s a man who knows how to take it directly to the top.’’”

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