Have we really fallen that far in this country to get our panties in an uproar because the President said a bad word? It was a headline floating on my taskbar, so you know I had to take a look.

I agree with the President that these people over there need to “stop doing this s___”. I, also, agree with him that Israel has the right to defend itself. I wouldn’t send “Condi”, like he suggests, but that’s just me.

It’s really too bad that our military is stretched so thin because of the war in Iraq. We could send American military to Israel and show that we are standing behind our friend. That would make the Hezbollah sit up and take notice.

And, I disagree with Bush in his saying, “we’re not blaming the Lebanese government.” Sorry, they let this group in, they need to control it, so I do blame the Lebanese government.

God Bless