Remember when I posted the letter from Mrs. Kes Manfred — the scammer who is using God’s good name to convince me to turn over my personal information? Well, I had said that I would post a follow up, as I was sending a reply.Well, I sent her the the reply that you can read at the end of the post and I’m posting her reply. Of course, I’m not going to answer her or give out my cell phone number or any of the other information she wants. I know this is a scam and I just wanted to post it here, so that if you receive an email similar to this, you’ll recognize it for the scam it is.

If I knew to which government agency I could report this, I would most likely take the time to report it. If you know, please leave a comment of email me @

God Bless

From: “Julie Totsch”
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 11:17 AM

What information do you need from me, so that I may help you?

Yours in Christ,


And, I received the following reply

——– Original Message ——–
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 08:02:51 +0000
From: kes manfred

GOODDAY to you Julie Totsch ,
Thanks for your confident response in receiving this fund and using
it for the said purpose.The reason why i choose you is because God led me to
you ,Now this is what you will do to receive this fund in your bank account.
I will like you to contact the security company where this fund was
deposited, contact them on my behalf requesting for the transfer and release
of the fund into your bank account.

You know that because of the nature of how I contacted you, vis-à-vis, the
deceits and frustrations of fraudulent activities in the present day world
it will be very hard to believe this so that is why I am taking time to tell
you more on this

This are the informations you need to forward to them because when the fund
was deposited they gave me this secret informations should in case I want to
withdraw it for security purpose for them to identify my consignment which
is the fund.

The informations are below I am giving and releasing this vital and secret
informations of mine to you with trust and confidence cos I have gotten you
as my next of kin to do this faithful work for God and subsequently to

Depositors Name Mrs. Kes Manfred
Batch no GTSF/GH-118/WB-NL-014-202
Year Deposited 2002
Secret Question Who is Depositor
Answer Mrs.Kes Manfred
Security Code 90600040020
Value Of Deposit:USD$8m

The above are the informations you need to forward to the security company
and send it to them.Your banking informations, your full name address and
contact phone numbers so that when they approve you to receive the fund they
will get it transferred into your bank account .So contact with their
informations below.

Name of Security Company.Global Trust Securities
Name of Director Mr. Kim Brenton

My Good friend, please contact them with the above informations and please
make sure you send your phone number or mobile number to them for easy
communications,keep me posted as soon as they transfer the fund into your
bank account. Always put me in your daily prayers do not forget my wish .

God bless you.

I am anxiously hoping to hearing from you soon.

Kes Manfred

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