So, a few days ago I went over to a friend’s house and we were discussing the President’s speech on immagration. First, my friend complained that the illegals didn’t pay any taxes and therefore, don’t belong here. Plus, she said, our tax dollars go to educate their children and pay for their hospital bills, etc. Well, I countered with the fact that personally I think anyone who wants to be an American should be allowed to live here. Immagration laws are just a lot of BS. Plus, the illegals are usually taking the jobs that legal Americans don’t want anyway. And, since my tax dollars go to support a school system I neither benefitted from personally nor sent my child to, frankly, adding a couple extra kids didn’t matter much to me. I pay a lot in taxes — more than my friend, since she’s married and can write off her children, etc. — so I really don’t want to hear anyone whine about where their tax dollars go. (Just a sidenote, I benefit the least from government programs and laws to protect my rights and yet, I pay more in taxes than a married couple who earn a lot more and can write more off. Doesn’t seem fair to me.)

Anyway, we then — carrying over the fact that illegal immagrants usually take jobs legal Americans don’t want to do — I stated that a white American isn’t going to take a job picking fruit or vegatables and black Americans don’t want to do it either. And, my friend answered, “Blacks don’t want to work anyway.”

Now, how can anyone in my generation make a comment like that? Where do you learn crap like that? Her parents are younger than mine, so could she have learned it from them? And, why would you want to teach your child an untrue stereotype of another race? Don’t all our kids have to work together? Won’t all the races in this country have to stand together to keep this great nation of ours going?

Then, I realized, my friend spent part of her childhood in the south, as did her husband, who feels the same way. Does that have something to do with the differences in our feelings toward the different races? I spent all of my schooling years safe and sound in the intergrated North. My classmates — who worked just as hard as I did — were a mix of blacks, latinos and asian. I didn’t once think that somehow I’m better than a classmate because I was white and they weren’t.

I guess this comment my friend made was just a big slap in the face. I pretty much thought that racism — at least for my generation — was a thing of the past. In our childhoods, we studied together, played together and sat in classes together. We spent time, if not learning about our differences, at least we complained about our homework together.

Anyway, I guess I’m still in shock. How can my generation contain such open racists?

God Bless