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Date: April 7, 2006

Thomas Hose

Just a quick post — have you been following this story. A young lady returned to her family ten years after she was missing. She claims she was held against her will for the last ten years. Thomas Hose — the abductor — claims that he “never forced Kach to live with him and that the woman had access to a cell phone during their time together.”

She was fourteen years old when she disappeared! FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. She wasn’t a responsible adult and how can that be a legal defense?!?

Sometimes, I wonder about things.


Tomorrow, April 8th, is my wife’s 50th birthday. Now, Cheryl is fairly easy to buy for — just pick up a shiny object at your nearest jewelry store and wrap it. Shopping complete.

But, I wanted to get her something special, something she’d never forget — or quite possibly — forgive me for. I got her a guest spot in a webcomic!

Yes, sir, you can head on over to PC Weenies and check her and the comic out! I highly recommend this as a gift for nearly everyone. This might even surpass the Christmas present I gave her, which I’ll post about some other time.

So, just to recap, Check out PC Weenies and if you see Cheryl tomorrow, wish her a happy birthday!

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