On March 21, I wrote an entry about Feingold and the Republican party. This was in relation to Feingold’s call for censure of the President for his illegal acts.

Someone calling himself Publius2008 wrote two different comments, disagreeing with my blog and writing that in summary, the President didn’t do anything illegal.

“He was intercepting wireless communications that were inbound to the United States and acting on that information pursuant to his war powers granted him by the U.S. Constitution and subsequent authorizations by Congress.”

So, I wrote back and stated,

“What war powers granted by the U.S. constitution? Which amendment allows the President not to obtain a warrant in wartime? Which one? Post it, as I’m sure we would all like to see it.

What authorizations by Congress? Post them. I’d like to see the ones that allows a President to circumvent the due process of law.”

I haven’t heard back from him and I really would like to read his response.

Now, I’m picking on Publius2008, but I’ve seen this happen on blogs all the time. Someone posts their response, but the either never check back to post facts or answer questions or they cannot present the evidence that what they are saying is fact.

I’ve looked and I cannot find anything in the Constitution that would allow Bush to intercept wireless communications that are inbound to the United States without obtaining a warrant in order to do so.

Now, if Publius2008 or anyone else would wish to point out that which I have missed, please do so.

God Bless.